Xmpp integration with Asterisk

Xmpp stands for eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol, Its a widely used communication protocol. In this blog I will use Openfire an opensource xmpp server.
Asterisk is opensource telephony switching exchange service for linux. In this blog I am using FreePBX install on centos 6.5.
In this blog I assume that user has already install openfire and asterisk server on linux machines. So I will start with creating a user in openfire and intregate my opefire server with asterisk server and in finally we will able to call from sip phone to xmpp client.

Step 1: Creating user in xmpp server

Login to openfire server. You will find the welcome screen as in image below and then click on user/session tab


Now provide the user information and click on create user as in image below.



Step 2: Starting Spark xmpp client


Download spark client on your linux machine.

wget http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloadServlet?filename=spark/spark_2_7_0.tar.gz

untar the file and run spark executable file

tar -xvzf spark_2_7_0.tar.gz
cd spark*

You will find the spark client starts as in image below.
provide user id, password which you created in openfire server and give server ip.


Now again go to your openfire server and click on session tab you will find status of the user online


Step 3:Enable SIP plugin to openfire

Download the SIP jar file

wget http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins/sip.jar

click on Plugins tab and upload your sip.jar file. after some time you will find phone tab inside the server tab

The plugin work with openfire version 3.9.3

Step 4: Configure SIP user on asterisk
Now we need to configure sip.conf and extension.conf file to switch the call between asterisk and xmpp client.

sip configuration settings copy paste below code in your sip.conf, more detail about this you will find in asterisk configuration blog.


extension.conf configuration

exten => 100,1,Dial(SIP/100,20)

Now restart your asterisk server

service asterisk restart

The above settings allow sip client to established call to xmpp client which is spark.

Step 5: Configure SIP phone on openfire

On your openfire interface go to Phone tab and then click on add new phone mapping and provide the detail as in image below.

SIP PHONE settings

SIP PHONE settings

XMPP username => user name of your openfire user.
SIP username => user name on your asterisk server which we configure in sip.conf
Authorization username => same as SIP username
PASSWORD => password of your SIP user.
SERVER => IP of asterisk server

click on create and you will find the page as below.

successful SIP mapping

successful SIP mapping

Now all the configuration is done, finally you have to login to your spark and sip phone.

Step 6:
Make a call from SIP phone

I am using twinkle as my SIP phone now as a dial the extension number 100 which is of my xmpp client . I get a incoming call. check the image below

incoming call from SIP phone

incoming call from SIP phone

In the image you will find a box saying incoming call from the SIP user.

Once you accept the call it will get connected .

call accepted

call accepted

So we successfully integrated XMPP (Openfire) with SIP (Asterisk).

In easy 6 step we have done this.


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