Using proxy authentication in android

I will suggest two solutions,  first one, download opensource app ProxyDroid from here and try your luck. There are many such proxy authentication apps on Google play too, to try those you should connect to some direct internet source using 3G/2G dongle or wifi hot spot from any compatible phone. Second solution is bit complex. In a GNU/Linux machine(assuming its IP to be install squid3 proxy server(say on your laptop) Then open /etc/squid3/squid.conf file as sudo and add these lines at the end of the file after updating <proxy-host>, <proxy-port> and username:password field.

http_port hostmachine-ip:3128
http_port hostmachine-ip:3128
cache_peer "proxy-host" parent "proxy-port" 0 no-query default login=username:password
# No direct access
never_direct allow all

Save and close the above file. Restart the squid3 sever by

sudo service squid3 restart

Now connect your Wifi(your Wifi & above squid3 machine should be under same proxy), long press on connected Wifi and select modify network(from ICS onwards only), Then enable Show advance options -> Proxy settings (select manual) Add your squid3 server’s detail here (for above example it would be) Proxy hostname Proxy port 3128 Bypass proxy for,localhost Then add your static IP/Gateway/DNS as usual, and for Network prefix give 16 (if your subnet mask is, if not make sure to find one) Save settings, disable and enable WiFi to make it active. The only disadvantage is you need to engage a machine to use this feature.