The Best Linux Distribution So far !

Based on my experience i’ll suggest here list of best five distro’s.This article is to guide a new migrant & i’m assuming that he or she is non techie.So let’s make it simple,here it goes.


Number Five:  (MANDRIVA)

The fifth most favourite Linux with all features is Mandriva .According to Distrowatch it has around 750+ Hits Per Day(HPD).It now comes with default KDE edition.Mandriva is based on RPM(Red Hat Package Management).It has a decent repository & comes with lots of  preloaded multimedia codecs and drivers.Mandriva has rock solid base,and support for many commercial add ons.It has frequent release cycle and good community support.




Number Four:  (OPEN SUSE)

The next best thing is Open Suse. It’s also based on RPM.Comes with both GNOME & KDE flavor .Unlike Mandriva it doesn’t comes with pre installed multimedia codec’s.Though you can drive any software after  installation.Suse Linux has its own repository which host packages for many other distro’s too. Own by Novell,it has good support for some .NET development(using MONO ).Things i like most about Suse is its ease of use & large package base.Beside these Suse is customized for best look & feel.






Number Three:  (FEDORA)

Fedora Project is sponsored by Red Hat.Fedora has many similarities to Mandriva & Suse.Fedora is stable & fast.It doesn’t come with any closed source codec’s or drivers but any way you can install them later.Fedora has many spins.One of the famous derivative is FEL(Fedora Electronic Lab).FEL contains all software’s for electronic design & simulation.Fedora has some support to ARM devices too.




Number Two:  (UBUNTU)

           The most beloved distribution of recent times.Based on rock solid Debian (deb).Ubuntu release twice in a year.This frequent  distribution combined with large hardware support makes this a must go for all.Ubuntu comes pre installed with many laptops & netbooks. Its becoming an industry trend to make drivers available for Ubuntu platform.It has excellent support for ARM(mobile & tablets) devices.Many tablets now run exclusively Ubuntu.Easy installation & decent looks makes it popular among new users.With ‘Unity’ Desktop, Ubuntu has shown new breed of Gnome & KDE.



Number ONE:  (Linux Mint)

This is the best Linux Distribution for any newbie or techie.Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu Linux.So all goodies are automatically inherited.So what else? Why its so special ? The best thing of the Mint Desktop is its completeness.You merely have to install any other package.It has all multimedia packages,DVD support to Flash for browser.It comes with VLC, MPlayer and many other handy tools.It has community support versions for KDE,XFCE,LXDE also.With increasing rank in Distrowatch, I suggest all to at least give it a try.



Please don’t take this post as pro ubuntu.I love many distributions.Call me crazy, but I personally use 3 Linux distro’s at a time.My other favorites are Simply Mepis, Arch,Slackware,& Bodhi Linux.More precisely Bodhi is unique,as it comes with less known but mature enlightenment Desktop environment.

Any way please share your thoughts.May be i can change the order based on your vote.But please keep in mind this article is to motivate people for free & open source World,so let’s not scare with advanced comments. 🙂