Add swap on ZTE Blade without swapper2

Idea Blade/ZTE Blade comes with 167 MB usable memory. Their is no way you can install CyanogenMod9/10 in such a low RAM. However I took a chance and installed CM9 and it slogs like hell. Swapper2 can be used to add swap, but it adds another memory and space constraint. drewhill77 came up with an excellent way to add swap without installing swapper2. This is a simple way using which a swap is added in typical UNIX system.

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How to install cyanogeod 7.1 on zte blade a.k.a dell xcd35 ?

The cyanogenmod ROMs are getting more popular than stock ROMs(one which comes with default android). The reason is simple.They have latest versions,have good community support and above all they have additional features,like DSP equalizer,full customization options,CPU Clock speed control etc.The list of supported devices can be found at this link.

In today’s hack i’ll will show you steps you need to follow in order to install cyanogenmod successfully on your Dell XCD-35 (a.k.a ZTE Blade,San¬†Francisco Orange) .

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