Virtaulenv configuration


It creates a virtual environment to isolate the working copy of the python which allow us to work on the specific project without affecting the system other projects. It helps in working on different version of the packages without affecting the other version. For example you can work on the python2.6 with isolated enviroment with python2.7 on your OS.

Version The latest version of the virtualenv 1.11.6 release on 16 May 14

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Task switching in Ubuntu, and a introduction to ‘The Spread’


A key part of any operating system user interface is how it enables the user to switch between multiple tasks. In most desktop operating systems tasks are encapsulated into windows, and the most frequently used method of multi-tasking is window switching. Desktop OSs have multiple methods of window switching (e.g Alt-tab, clicking on indicators, notifications, etc…) 


apt-get or synaptic not working after ubuntu installation !

Many times you might have faced this problem.With Ubuntu live CD or fresh installation there is additional drives installer which runs in background.

You get the error as ‘Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock ‘ .The simple solution to this is to kill that background process.The process responsible for locking is jockey(‘additional drivers’).

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