Python and microcontrollers

There have been various attempts to port Python on microcontrollers. The power of interpreted language cannot be kept in darkness.

Projects like Pymite, WiPy, micropython have demonstrated the concept on real microcontrollers. Among the mentioned projects micropython offers port for most affordable hardware, esp8266.

The esp8266 family can be programmed in lua, AT, C as well. In fact, Python implementation is under rapid development.

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what is Emacs?

Well a straight answer to this question is “GNU/Emacs is a text editor” which can be easily extended and customized. But I would say its an Operating system in which one can do anything from managing other processes, files, folders, check mails, browse web and even listen to music apart from just editing text and writing codes. For developers and coders it acts as an full fledged IDE.

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