How to patch the source code or revert it back?

We often have the situation of testing or applying someones patch or to remove the changes made by a patch. It may happen that a patch is not correctly applied and result into to dirty source code. This simple bit of information will help you to carefully apply the patch to your source code and also revert the changes back to original state if required. I’m using linux kernel version 3.0.42+ as example and Elan Touch Screen patch file(patch-linux-3.0.42+_elan_ts.patch).

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What is GNU/Linux ?

Newbies often get confused with the concept of GNU and Linux. Most people end up saying GNU/Linux as ‘Linux’. The important thing here to understand is most people don’t directly use Linux. This may sound contradict but Linux is just a core part of an operating system. It’s task is to handle underlying hardware.

Users work on application, and applications can’t talk directly to hardware, they take help of Linux-kernel. Major Free and Open source applications(Libre Office, VLC media player etc.) are licensed under GNU License. In fact the basic core-utils packages used in Linux like copy, move etc. are GNU applications.