Command-line Android

We often use Eclipse for Android programming. Of-course creating an Android project is simple and easy for a beginner and advance user using Eclipse. Eclipse creates a file hierarchy needed for an Android project. Also building and running an apk is even simpler. But for those who don’t want to switch to GUI or who want to stick to the terminal for Android programming, read on ..

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Mount Android phone on your local machine over Wifi !

Have you ever tried to copy a movie or song from your PC but you forgot your data cable.This happens very often.We don’t carry accessories all the time.The best solution to this is accessing your phone over Wifi(Internet is not required) .

Using sshfs package one can mount remote file systems on local machines with the help of fuse filesystem. Continue Reading…

How to install cyanogeod 7.1 on zte blade a.k.a dell xcd35 ?

The cyanogenmod ROMs are getting more popular than stock ROMs(one which comes with default android). The reason is simple.They have latest versions,have good community support and above all they have additional features,like DSP equalizer,full customization options,CPU Clock speed control etc.The list of supported devices can be found at this link.

In today’s hack i’ll will show you steps you need to follow in order to install cyanogenmod successfully on your Dell XCD-35 (a.k.a ZTE Blade,San Francisco Orange) .

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