Remove noise from audio files in Linux !

Have you ever felt that your favourite song has noise in the background, or you downloaded an old song which in turn recorded from a old cassette player resulting in annoying background noise.

song loaded in audacity

To remove such constant noise from your songs or recordings we have a great cross platform tool called ‘Audacity‘ .I will demonstrate how to remove noise from   audio files in Ubuntu Linux Operating System.

Steps to follow:

1. Install ‘Audacity’ from package manager.Go to file->open and select the audio file.

2. File will be imported and will be shown in a timeline.Play the song and choose the region where noise appears.

press zoom on audacity

audacity zoom button

3. Select the zoom tool at the top to pan into that region.Then choose text select tool (just below the zoom tool) to select the region you find noise.



4. Keeping the noise selected, goto Effect -> Noise Removal… and click on ‘Get Noise Profile’ .The dialog box will disappear.

5. Now select entire song using ‘ Cntl + a ‘ or region of audio you want to remove noise.


6. Now again goto Effect -> Noise Removal… and press OK .It will show a dialog popup stating ‘Removing Noise’.

7. By this step you are done.You can hit play button and enjoy noise free audio ,but you want to export it to mp3/wav to save in your local machine. For that just goto File -> Export and choose the format and bitrate you want and select OK.

Enjoy editing 🙂