Mount Android phone on your local machine over Wifi !

Have you ever tried to copy a movie or song from your PC but you forgot your data cable.This happens very often.We don’t carry accessories all the time.The best solution to this is accessing your phone over Wifi(Internet is not required) .

Using sshfs package one can mount remote file systems on local machines with the help of fuse filesystem.

Steps to follow :

1. First install sshfs from your distribution archives. For debian based system just type

sudo apt-get install sshfs

2. Then add present user to fuse group.In place of user1 use your username .

sudo adduser user1 fuse

3. Create a directory where you want to mount your phone’s SD card.

mkdir my-phone

4. Connect your phone with wifi and know its IP address.Make sure that your phone and PC both are in same network.

It needs sshdroid package to be installed on your android phone.

5. Now run this command in your terminal.

sshfs -o idmap=user root@  my-phone

Accept the certificate and enter the root password of your phone.For sshdroid its ‘admin’.

6. Now go to my-phone directory and you can see your phone’s SD card’s contents there.

7. To umount just use

fusermount -uz my-phone


Enjoy wireless mounting.