How to set grammar check in vim

Have you ever used web-based grammar tool? There are plenty, they help you learn from your mistakes.

Being a vim user, I couldn’t resist myself to explore various such tools for my
life. Sadly, there were few. In fact, only worth mentioning, LanguageTool.

Thanks to Dominique, for the vim plugin LanguageTool (confused? same name!), the setup is trivial and straightforward.

Download latest versions of both plugin and tool from following links:

  1. The LanguageTool plugin:
  2. The LanguageTool (stand alone for the desktop):

Extract the plugin into your ~/.vim directory (create if doesn’t exist)

cd ~/.vim
unzip /tmp/

Now generate tags

vim -c 'helptags ~/.vim/doc'

Now extract the LanguageTool(mine was version 3.1) to a known location

unzip /tmp/ -d /opt

Now open your ~/.vimrc and add the path for java command line tool to work
with the plugin

let g:languagetool_jar='/opt/LanguageTool-3.1/languagetool-commandline.jar'

You may now start the vim and test your installation

:help LanguageTool

To invoke grammar check for any content, just invoke(it will take a while to


To close the split window, simply issue


That’s all!
I hope to see more development in this project.