How to install cyanogeod 7.1 on zte blade a.k.a dell xcd35 ?

The cyanogenmod ROMs are getting more popular than stock ROMs(one which comes with default android). The reason is simple.They have latest versions,have good community support and above all they have additional features,like DSP equalizer,full customization options,CPU Clock speed control etc.The list of supported devices can be found at this link.

In today’s hack i’ll will show you steps you need to follow in order to install cyanogenmod successfully on your Dell XCD-35 (a.k.a ZTE Blade,San Francisco Orange) .

Please note that,this may break your warranty and you may loose your data.I assume you understand the risk of doing this.Unless you’re very sure,please don’t proceed.We are not responsible for any damage done to your device.


Steps to follow :


  1. Root your device. Rooting means getting administrative permissions for your device.Usually every android device is locked by the vendor.Without sufficient knowledge one can break the device with rooting.So careful.The only ‘apk’ which worked for me for rooting this device is ‘z4root_blade_perm_root_v2.apk‘ .(download this file,and extract the zip file to get ‘.apk’).
  2. Then install free version of ROM manager from android market.
  3. Open the app ROM manager and choose first option ‘Flash ClockworkMod Recovery’.Which will download ‘recovery-clockwork-xxxx.img’ file(3.7 MB).
  4. Then from your PC’s browser download the latest cyanogenmod image( my    case it is this link[download].Place the zip file i.e cyanogenmod image zip      file(around 90 MB) in your SD Card (don’t create any folder).Also no need to format your SD Card or deleting your previous data.
  5. Now choose the 2nd option i.e ‘Reboot into Recovery’ from your android phone.The screen will go   blank and phone will restart.
  6. Once the device boots into the ClockworkMod Recovery, use the side volume buttons to move up   and down, home button to select and back button to go back. In ‘ClockworkMod Recovery’ mode touchscreen will not work.This mode is useful to    install/remove/backup any stock or custom ROMs.
  7. Select backup and restore to create a backup of current installation.In my case it was android 2.2.    (optional step)
  8. Then select option to Wipe data/factory reset,then clear cache partition.It will take few seconds    and will show you the progress.
  9. Then select option Install zip from sdcard.This will show you contents of your sdcard.Then Choose zip from sdcard,after that carefully choose the ‘’.
  10. Once the installation finishes,go back using ‘back key’ and choose ‘reboot system now‘ option.Your phone should now reboot to cyanogenmod 7.1 (Android version 2.3.7).During first boot,it will take some time.A blue color animation will greet you.That’s it.You’re done.


The cyanogenmod doesn’t contain any google proprietary apps.You need to download the zip file(~ 6.7 MB) from this link ,and install it by rebooting your phone in ClockworkMod Recovery again and by following  step number 9 and 10 there after.(No need to repeat any other step).
The installation of google apps can be done during installing cyanogenmod also(i.e before rebooting during step 10) ,but it didn’t worked in my case.So i installed only cyanogenmod first,then again repeated step 9 and 10 to install google apps.
Feel free to ask any doubts.
Don’t panic if it doesn’t boot,or power key doesn’t respond during boot.Remove the battery and insert it again.Probably you will not need this step.You may want to use information in cyanogenmod site from the given link.
Happy Hacking. 🙂