How to choose right laptop ?

This is a kind of question which everyone claims they know.Lets see.

Before you trust the marketing mantra’s its better to know some basic facts.

  • Know Your Requirement : This is most important.You shouldn’t carry a graphic designer’s lappy on your back.Look for the processor which suits your requirement.An intel core2duo can be enough for any programmer,office carrier or personal buisness.I would recommend corei3 & i5 for people who need to edit video’s and do extensive graphics work.
  • Compatibility with your present hardware:  Before looking for new machine,find out if its compatible with your present hardware.For instance some old printers may not work with your Windows 7,few graphics cards have less support in Linux .
  • Look for better battery life : Most of the time you will with power adapter but one should always keep in mind the battery life too.Anything more than 4 hrs backup is good.
  • RAM Capacity : Believe me,more RAM doesn’t always mean more speed.Speed depends on CPU speed & bus,L1,L2 Cache,hard drive and in some cases Operating system too.RAM is a temprorary storage which is closure to CPU for faster data access.If you’re not a graphic designer or animator trust me 2 GB is more than enough.
  • Go for high capacity Hard Drive : Believe it or not you will be complaining about the hard drive capacity sooner or later.So its better to start with atleast 350 GB .I assume you’re human & store some movies and songs.
  • Go for extended warranty : Ask your vendor for extended warranty.If you’re lucky enough you will get 2 year extension for almost nothing.

With these six simple steps in mind i’m sure you will not spend those extra bugs on your laptop which you will never use.That money you can spend or invest somewhere better.

Ask me any doubt you have or post a question.