Create video checkpoints or bookmarks in GNU/Linux using VLC

Yes, I used to index videos on a text file. My intelligent high-tech solution, however ancient, well helped me to a great extent.

Recently, I found Moments Tracker plugin in VLC media player.  I felt embarrassed for not searching this earlier.

To install simply download this lua file and copy to

sudo cp 168031-moments_tracker_V1.lua /usr/share/vlc/lua/extensions/

Restart your VLC and navigate to view -> moments tracker. 

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Python and microcontrollers

There have been various attempts to port Python on microcontrollers. The power of interpreted language cannot be kept in darkness.

Projects like Pymite, WiPy, micropython have demonstrated the concept on real microcontrollers. Among the mentioned projects micropython offers port for most affordable hardware, esp8266.

The esp8266 family can be programmed in lua, AT, C as well. In fact, Python implementation is under rapid development.

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Xmpp integration with Asterisk

Xmpp stands for eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol, Its a widely used communication protocol. In this blog I will use Openfire an opensource xmpp server.
Asterisk is opensource telephony switching exchange service for linux. In this blog I am using FreePBX install on centos 6.5.
In this blog I assume that user has already install openfire and asterisk server on linux machines. So I will start with creating a user in openfire and intregate my opefire server with asterisk server and in finally we will able to call from sip phone to xmpp client.

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